If you’re experiencing problems with your roof, a professional roofing inspection is the obvious first step toward fixing them.

However, not all roofing problems are obvious, and the absence of drafts or leaks doesn’t necessarily mean your roof is structurally sound. That’s why most roofing contractors suggest having your roof inspected twice a year, in spring and fall, as a preventative measure.

Whether you’re having specific roofing issues or just want to know your roof is in good shape, it’s worth the modest investment to hire a roofing contractor to perform an inspection.

While many handy homeowners are perfectly capable of checking their roof for damage, a professional inspector is skilled and trained to conduct a thorough interior and exterior evaluation of the roof’s structure and knows where and how to look for leaks an untrained eye could easily miss.

The Importance Of A Professional Roofing Inspection

Here’s what you’ll get with a professional roofing inspection from HomeMasters:

  • A thorough surface evaluation. Professional roofing inspections begin by assessing the condition of your roof’s surface elements. If there are broken, damaged or missing shingles roofing tiles, the inspector will determine the cause of the problem and recommend a solution.
  • A complete inspection of sub-surface structural integrity. Here’s where homeowners really get value for their money. It’s fairly easy to detect surface problems, but it takes a specially trained eye to spot problems below your shingles and tiles. Sub-surface problems can cause nightmares if they’re not promptly detected, so it’s important to have your roof regularly inspected.
  • An assessment of your ventilation, insulation and moisture levels. Inadequate ventilation and insulation and high levels of condensation and moisture can all severely damage your roof. As part of your inspection, a roofing contractor will take a close look at these factors and offer helpful advice if any issues are detected.
  • Expert advice. If there are any problems or potential problems, the roofing inspector will clearly communicate the issues, recommend solutions and provide consultation services if you’re wondering about next steps. At HomeMasters, we’re happy to provide no-obligation free estimate for roofing repair or replacement, if needed.

Safety Matters

While you might be tempted to handle a roof inspection on your own, ask yourself: do you have the right equipment and tools necessary to ensure your safety up on the roof? A thorough inspection can’t be done well from the ground, or from a ladder up against the side of the house – someone must get up on the roof. This is a job best left to a professional roofing contractor who has the right equipment and experience necessary to not only be thorough but also safe.

If you’d like to schedule a roofing inspection to diagnose specific problems or evaluate the overall condition of your roof, contact HomeMasters. We offer affordable, expert roof repair, replacement and installation services to customers throughout the Vancouver WA and Portland OR areas.