Are you aware that getting regular roofing inspections can increase the life of your roof?

That’s right

Having a professional inspect your roof is the first line of defense to keeping your home safe from damage. Such as: rot, moss (if you’re in the Vancouver or Portland area, rain is a constant) and ensures the integrity of your roof for years to come. Regular maintenance is key to getting a long life from your roof and it’s recommended that you have it inspected twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.  An inspection helps to provide a sure and consistent solution in preventing or locating minor damage to your roof before it becomes a major issue. Often, the homeowner is unaware that there’s anything wrong until it’s too late and further damage has been done.

inspecting a roof for leaks or damage

Common Issues and How They Impact Your Roof

Just as each roof is unique, so are the issues it may encounter.

For example, landscaping and large trees can be damaging to your roof as branches can scrape off shingles or their protective layer causing a leak or weak spot on your roof.  Leaves and pine needles can clog your gutters causing backups in your drainage system and damage the roof’s subsurface.

Weather is also a factor as hail and fallen branches can cause damage that can lead to leaks, sometimes issues that initially escape our notice, until the damage is far more severe and the repairs more extensive.

Leaks and pooling water can be dangerous to a family inhabiting the home as they may harbor waterborne diseases or provide a breeding ground for disease-causing organisms. They may also speed up the rusting, rotting, and mildew processes that can further damage your home.

Another problem is inadequate or faulty installation of the materials used.  If a roof has been installed poorly, this can reduce the expected lifespan of the roof as it increases the likeliness of additional problems, damages and other unplanned expenses.  It often happens that they occur at the worst possible moment, for example in the middle of the night.

Improper maintenance includes overhanging structures around the roofing such as overhanging tree branches which can rub against the shingles of the roof, wiping away the protective layer, corroding it, and creating a “hot spot” where heat is escaping.  Proper maintenance and routine professional checks help to identify any minor issues before they become major issues, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the roof.

Why You Need Regular Inspections

Sure, you can do the work yourself but should you? 

As a homeowner, you should weigh out the time you will be putting in and the possibility of missing an issue. Having a professional inspect your roof lessens the chances of any issues being overlooked and they can give a better solution as to what repairs, if any, need to be done.  They have the knowledge of what to look for and use sophisticated equipment with the relevant updated technology for recognizing and detecting even the most minor problems on the roofing. An excellent example of such is infrared technology, which allows the inspector to see the “hot spots” in your roof where heat is escaping through damaged shingles.

Another reason why hiring a roofing contractor is valuable is because they conduct an extensive evaluation of the entire roofing system, both the interior and the exterior view. It is unlikely of a homeowner who may be purely interested in evaluating the interior side from where he can observe from a comfortable zone. An extensive evaluation of the same will influence prudent maintenance routine and repair.

Roofing contractors also have the relevant expertise for the job. Their training enables them to deal with tricky situations and conditions especially where a very high roofing is involved. The roof structure may extend to dangerous areas such as steep slopes and precarious heights. They are adequately trained on how to safely handle the risks involved.  HomeMasters prides itself for always maintaining a very professional manner and thorough in their evaluations.

Here are the following reasons as to why you should hire us as a professional roofing inspector –

  • We carry out a thorough surface evaluation of your roofing system on your property. It includes the fitting and the hanging materials used to construct the roofing frame and the entire roofing structure. Similarly, this allows for the replacement of any broken structures and refurbishment of any tainted and weak structure/material. The purpose is to enhance the strength, durability, and attractiveness.
  • HomeMasters recommends that you engage in an inspection by its roofing contractors before you consider buying a new home or property with a structure on it. This will help to assess the quality and general condition of the roof and estimate if any additional work would be needed.
  • We will also make an assessment of the ventilation allowances, whether they are still open or blocked and moisture levels of the house. It enables the homeowner to purchase the right materials to facilitate ventilation alongside the drilled openings. And also the employment of the right technology for controlling the moisture levels in the house.
  • It enables HomeMasters to give a piece of comprehensive expert advice on installation, repairs, and refurbishment of either part of the structure or the entire roofing structure to ensure paramount safety and comfort our client in their homes.

Therefore, getting regular inspections are an important step in the maintenance of your home and/or workplace to ensure the integrity of your roof has.  Even if damage is found, you will have a plan for repairs and it will save you time, money and stress in the long run, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your family and your home. Contact HomeMasters today!