Replacing Your Windows Guide


Is It Time To Replace Your Windows

There are different occasions when you can decide to change your windows. These reasons vary from one person to another. What are the most likely reasons behind such a decision? They include;-

• Draftiness
When a window gets old, it heats a lot around the windows. This may also mean that it is worn out. Therefore you will be doing it well when you do a replacement.

• Extensive frame damage
Extensive damage to the frame can be hard to repair and will cost you a lot of money. This means that the cost-effective way to go is replacing it.

• Hard to operate
A worn out window or a window that has a damaged frame will be hard to operate. It will not be easily opened or closed. You can save yourself the hard task by replacing it.

• Hard to maintain
A window that requires constant maintenance like repainting and repair will hurt your pockets severely. You can save yourself by getting your room a different window.

• Need for a change
As long as you live and explore, you will come interesting designs that you are attempted to try out. Don’t keep holding yourself back a lot. Let go and get the joy of getting a new acquisition by installing that new good looking window you need. Give your room a facelift.


How Long Do Windows Last?

Well, the durability of a window is one of the most crucial aspects to look into before making your purchase. You need to consider how long it will take before you need another replacement. These are some of the factors that determine the durability of a window.


Type of material

Windows are made of different materials which all vary in durability and need for continued maintenance. These are;

• Aluminum
Aluminum can last for a very long mostly around 30-40 years before you will need a replacement. The only hitch that comes with aluminum is that it is a poor insulator, hence can significantly increase energy cost making it an expensive option over time.

• Wood
This will last mostly around 10-20 years when properly maintained. The maintenance can prove to be a hard task, and any default will lead to the window wasting away.

• Vinyl
Vinyl is the best option to go with. It is long lasting, efficient and does not require any maintenance.


Other Comparisons

Other than material, these are some other factors that will determine how long you will take before replacing the window.

• U-factor
This is the measure of a windows thermal efficiency. A lower U-factor comes with well-built windows. It will also be helpful in keeping your utility bills low.

• Warranty
The warranty can help determine how long it will last as more durable windows will come with longer years on the warranty.


Finding The Right Window For Your Home

From the several reasons that you will want to replace your windows, you need to ensure that it comes with a peace of mind. You want a window that will serve your light needs well, as well as save on the energy costs, and the same time right for the climate you live in.

These are some of the tips that will help you make the right choices when choosing a window for your home.

• Do not consider much of the pricing
When it comes to the windows sectors, prices and performance are not necessarily directly proportional. There are times when a lower priced window performs better than a high priced one. This difference comes mostly because prices are mostly based on the type of frame.

• Consider the climate
Whenever purchasing your window, make sure that it matches the climate you live in. this implies that depending on the climate, like if your place experiences high winds and cold temperatures, you must reciprocate and get a window that is wind and cold resistant.

• Don’t overspend on upgrade features
To avoid spending much when doing your window replacements, you should only include additional features that are necessary depending on the climate of where you stay and light needs.


Know the Numbers

There are different numbers of Energy and National Fenestration Rating Council which you should understand to help you in choosing the right window for your room. The numbers detonate solar heat gain co-efficiency, visible transmission, and U-value.

• Understand the anatomy of the window
Another way of getting it right with window replace is, understanding the different parts of the window and their functions. This will help you when making an order and even explain to the construction guy on what you need.

• Tallying costs of added features
As mentioned above, additional features can increase the money you spend on a window. It is therefore just right that you confirm the total cost of the additional features. This will help you in planning and remove any unnecessary additional features.


Window That Make Your Room Look Larger

Windows have a way of bringing in more light into the house. The more sunlight the house gets will make it appear more open and free thus spacious. These are some of the window styles that will do your home justice in making it look bigger.

• Picture windows
This design comes with a big surface that allows much light to get into the room. It is also good for your energy expenses as it is energy efficient as compared to the other designs.

They are designs where scenic outdoor views are framed into the window. Even though on the downside, you will have to do with less of ventilation as it is inoperable.

• Casement windows
This design offers you the ability to open and close them at will. They are a swing style of windows. You should also take caution not to install them where people pass often like hallways to avoid damage and accidents.

• Gliding windows
This is a window design made on saving space. It is set up such as the window moves horizontally on a set track. It allows a lot of light in the house when open hence the room will appear bigger.

• Bay windows
A bay window has three openings in angled projections. They are set on the outside such that it gives opens up a room and letting it breathe; this gives an appearance of more space as it lets in more light. It also adds glamour to the room.


Watch Our For Window Replacement Scams

There are several dealers who might come to you from time to time offering you a deal. Most of the times the deals are unbelievable. It’s entirely possible to fall for them as they craft the message with promises of quality work yet at a low cost.

These are some of the ways to ensure you keep safe from falling to the scammers.

Do your research! You need to do your due diligence before contracting a company to do your repairs. You could go ahead and look them up online and see what reviews and comments on their site. You can also ask from friends and other people in your network.

  • To ensure the reliability of the company, head to the Better Business Bureau Report.
  • You need to see and confirm their license.
  • Make sure you have all the reachable contact information. This will ensure that you can get to them in case of any mishap.
  • Refrain from paying using cash. You can instead opt for check or credit card where you can launch a claim for refund when you are not satisfied with the services delivered.
  • Make sure you are knowledgeable when dealing with a company. Request for cancellation forms and receipts when making a purchase. This will also come in handy in case of a legal tussle.
  • Make sure you report any rogue salesperson or company that you encounter.
  • Sign a construction contract where you will define the timing, payments, and responsibility of each party involved in the deal.


Do you want to replace your windows? Then, don’t worry, you need to have the above information help you make an informed decision. With these, be sure that you will always get it right with your windows purchase, installation, and safety.