If you’re anything like me, your furry friend isn’t just a pet, it’s a member of the family. They keep us company, provide us comfort, they may even help us live longer, healthier lives (*according to Harvard Medical School).  They cohabitate with us, which means we owe it to them to provide a healthy home in which they may thrive.  If you’re looking for ways to make your home more pet friendly, look no further, we’ve got you covered.

  • Consider a flooring swap. Dog hair is coated in an oil that make it almost impossible to fully remove from carpet. Swapping out wall to wall carpeting for ceramic tile, hardwood, or laminate is easier to clean than carpet and create less problems for family members and guests with allergies to pet dander.
  • Examine the plants in your home and garden. Some popular plants can be deadly to your pets. Plants like lilies, azaleas, cyclamen and poinsettias are beautiful, but can be extremely dangerous to pets if ingested. Last year, the **ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center handled more than 140,000 cases of pets exposed to toxic substances in their own homes. If your animal is exhibiting symptoms, call the ASPCA at (888)426-4435 or see your veterinarian right away.
  • Inspect your home for hazards. Put yourself in your pet’s place. Look for choking, strangulation, electrocution and suffocation hazards. Window treatment cords with loops may seem harmless, but could be quite dangerous to a playful cat. Additionally, exposed electrical cords could seem quite tempting to dogs who love to chew.
  • Use safe cleaning materials. Many household cleaning products are extremely toxic to your furry friends. Additionally, some products used outside can be detrimental to your animal’s health. Many cleaning agents used to clean a home’s exterior can absorb through your pet’s skin or be ingested, causing illness. Be sure to use pet safe products inside and outside of the home.
  • Know what foods are safe for your pet to eat. There are many human foods that are safe for animal consumption. Pumpkin, for example, is great for soothing a dog’s stomach. However, foods like ***onions, grapes, nuts and more can cause severe reactions if consumed by animals.


If you’re looking at starting a new home improvement project (or need assistance making sure your home is pet friendly), talk to the professionals at HOMEMASTERS. Our team of specialized craftsmen are experts in their trade, and our project manager will help keep your project on track and on budget.  Call (888)400-1815 to schedule your free estimate.