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What Are The Best Summer Projects For Your Home?

With warm temperatures and sunny skies, the summer is a great time to complete home projects. Read More

Shedding Light On Skylights: A Hot Mistake or a Cool Investment

The decision to place a skylight in your home should be carefully considered. While a well-installed skylight can be a wonderful home addition that can also add value to the house, it needs to be done right to have the real benefits that come from having a skylight. Read More

7 Ways to Tell if You Need New Windows in 2019

Replacing your windows could improve your comfort, reduce your energy bills, add value to your home and improve your family’s quality of life through better ventilation and more access to natural light. Read More

Replacing Your Windows: What Industry Insiders Want You To Know

There are different occasions when you can decide to change your windows. These reasons vary from one person to another. What are the most likely reasons behind such a decision? Read More

Top Home Improvements 2017 Infographic

At HOMEMASTERS, we know how important it is for you, as a homeowner, to pinpoint what upgrades or renovations you need to get the most bang for your buck. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best home improvements in 2017. Read More

Top 6 Home Improvements That Paid Off (Definitive Guide)

Not all home improvements make sense. Only spend money on renovations with a high ROI. Check out this list of renovations that will get your money back. Read More

Get Ready for Fall Checklist

While we’re in the thick of summer, it’s hard to think about preparing for the crisp air of fall and cold of winter. But as the Starks say, “Winter is coming.” Take advantage of these longer days by getting your home ready for the rain and snow to come.  Read More

Tax Refund Friendly Renovation Projects

The IRS estimates the average refund for home owners to be $2,840 for the 2017 filing year. While some may look at using that money towards a lavish vacation, a shopping spree or a new big screen tv, the prudent investor is looking at ways to make the most of their refund.  Read More