Are you searching for home improvement ideas to increase your home’s resale value?

You’re in luck. We have just the right home renovation tips that will impress the buyers, who are often very picky, and that will offer you the highest return on investment.

Top 6 Home Improvements


The Best Home Renovations [2017 Updated]

Although the value of home improvements will be influenced by many factors including the value of the house itself and that of the homes in the immediate neighborhood, the following renovations will give you the biggest bang for your buck.


1. Kitchen Upgrades That Keep Home Values Up

The kitchen is still king.

Research has shown that buyers place a higher value on homes with a modern and updated kitchen.

It makes sense:

The kitchen is the soul of any home. It’s where we spend most of our time.

If you want to impress the buyer, especially millennials, invest in a kitchen upgrade.

We know what you’re thinking:

And guess what?

It doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg.

For example, just changing the look of your cabinets can make a big difference. It can be as easy as a fresh coat of paint. Of course, replacing them is ultimately the best decision for a truly brand-new look.

If changing your cabinets is too daunting a task. You can never go wrong with replacing your old countertops with granite if updating the cabinets just isn’t your thing.

Buyers will love it.

Including the word granite in your listing could even help your house sell a little faster.

And let’s be honest. A granite countertop is a lot more durable than laminate so it’s a great option to do if you want to sell your home or update your forever home.

But don’t spend too much time on the look and forget all about functionality.

Think about space. Don’t even try to deny it.

Most buyers will prefer an open plan since it increases the available space, but a bit of organization can help, too. Having the cooktop, refrigerator and sink well positioned to create an efficient workspace goes a long way to entice buyers or even just making your daily life in the kitchen much more pleasant.


2. What to Remodel in the Bathroom

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is also a major selling point.

Can I be totally honest with you?

Before making any renovation plans, make sure it’s not the only one you’ve got. Expensive tiling and steam showers are great, but two bathrooms are better than one.

No doubt about it.

If your home is the only one with one bathroom in your neighborhood, it won’t matter how luxurious the bathroom looks.

You know it’s true.

So always prioritize adding another bathroom as long as the existing one is functional.

Here’s some good quick bathroom ideas for you.

You can invest in new light features, replace the toilet or add a new or double sink. Walk-in-showers have become quite popular. Buyers love tubs too, but if you’re having trouble finding space for both, forego the tub.

Remember, functionality is key.

Here’s an idea. In place of the bathtub, take things up a notch higher, consider installing floor-to-ceiling steam shower instead.

You’ve got this!


3. Why a Roof Replacement is a Good Idea

We know what you’re thinking: A roof is not exactly an exciting renovation.

But hear me out.

While buyers may not care whether you replaced the roof, they won’t tolerate a leaking one or a roof that looks like it’s going to crumble any moment. In fact, most of them will not bother to look at the rest of the house if the roof is leaking.

That’s definitely a bad thing.

The only reason some buyers may not appear enthusiastic about these types of home renovations is that they assume the basic systems are working just fine.

Look at it this way.

Other than taking care of leaks, a new roof will improve your home’s curb appeal and consequently it’s resale value.

Believe me, we get it.

Replacing the roof is a costly affair and most homeowners may hesitate to make such an investment on a home that they might be in the process of selling or wanting to sell in the future.

For what it’s worth, a damaged roof will turn potential buyers away and significantly reduce your chances of selling the house.


4. Replacing Windows Keeps the Elements Out & Money In

Even though your windows are an integral part in keeping the comfort level in your home up to par, you more than likely take your windows for granted. Unfortunately, these protectors from the outside elements are fragile and can be broken with minimal amounts of force.

But let’s be honest…

After years of home ownership, it’s more than likely that you might have to replace some windows in your home.

Quite simple. Or so you thought.

Don’t overdo it. A top of the line window might not always get your money back. According to Remodeling Magazine, in 2017, vinyl windows will give you a high return on investment of 74%. That is one percent higher than what wood windows can offer you.

Why bother then?

It’s no surprise that even the less expensive windows made these days are energy efficient. If windows in a home are 10 years or older, it’s more than likely they’re cheap, energy-leaking, builder-grade windows that are doing nothing to help your utility bills.

So, in addition to having an amazingly bright home and really nice curb appeal, make sure that your homes windows are high-efficiency. Having energy star certified windows can lower energy bills and carbon footprints nationwide by an average of 12%. They can be a major selling point for buyers.

Increasing the value of your home while lowering your energy bills?

Sounds like a win-win to me.


5. Make Your Home New Again with Siding

A facelift for your home. Yes, you heard me right.

Clearly, replacing your siding is a significant undertaking, but it will significantly improve the value of your home. Just like the roof, it IS the first thing a buyer will see.

Since, you know, it’s the actual home. But what an impression it will make.

New siding will give your home that much needed facelift and increase its curb appeal. It’ll also make your life much easier when maintaining your home.

Think about it this way.

Consider modern vinyl siding. It’s fade resistant, versatile, durable and quite cheap. Not only that but it’s virtually maintenance free. Heck, there’s vinyl siding that looks a like cedar shakes if you prefer the natural look but don’t have the deep pockets for it.

I mentioned virtually maintenance free.

When it comes to home siding, vinyl is about as low maintenance as it could possibly get. It’s resistant to pests such as termites and blights such as rot, it keeps its original qualities for many years.

You’ll definitely get your monies worth.

Manufactured stone veneer and fiber cement siding are a bit more expensive but will offer a high-quality look that will capture the buyer’s attention.

That curb appeal again. It really does make a difference though.

If it’s durability you’re looking for then stone and brick are your solutions. When properly installed, they’ll last for centuries, potentially.

That’s a long time.


6. New Gutters Don’t Drip on Potential Home Sales

Again, gutter repair and replacement is not quite an exciting home renovation project, but you can’t afford to ignore them.

Bear with me, because I’m going to show you how.

Gutters are critical in protecting your foundation, windows, doors and siding from water damage by draining the water away from the house.

Here’s the point.

That one simple investment can save a homeowner a lot of money that would have otherwise gone into repairs.

Money is tight, believe me, I get it. Here’s a solution:

If you’re on a tight budget, a vinyl gutter system will do just fine because it’s more about functionality at this point.

We keep hearing about functionality, notice the theme?

But it’s true, functionality in any part of your home is so important. Don’t deny it because you know I’m right.

Spending money and getting a better product is NOT a bad thing.

For instance, galvanized steel gutters are at the mid-range price point. They’re rust-free and more durable. If you want a high-end option, seamless gutter systems are an excellent choice. They come in a variety of colors and will offer the best protection from leaks.

See what I mean?

But don’t just take my word for it.

There are plenty of gutter service guides out there to help you choose what type to get and how you can choose the best gutter installer.


Talking to the Professionals about your Home Improvements

If you want to increase your home’s resale value, you need to make sure you get the highest return on investment.

Here’s the most important part.

It usually means putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes and even talking to the professionals about what you may or may not need.

Do you need to make any repairs or replacements in your house?

We’re here to help.

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