The largest investment you’re likely to make in this life is into your home. There are ways to make that investment a worthy venture from the beginning to the end. Some of the many areas homeowners overlook are also the most affordable to improve your home with.

Bringing final touches together or taking your design features further can be done with vinyl siding. These panels of durable plastic offer homeowners an array of expressive options and a few benefits of utility that we’ll discover below. Let’s take a deep look into the potential of siding and why it can bring greater value to your home’s estimated price.


What is Vinyl Siding, and How is It Used?

Vinyl siding is simply a finishing layer. It goes on the side of your home to cover the various materials found underneath. Stucco and concrete leave a dull appearance when left raw and exposed. These compounds can be covered with vinyl siding to hide away the raw textures of cement and brick. Adding a layer of synthetics gives you a wide selection of finishes to work with.

We start by taking a look at the following to better understand vinyl siding:

– Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Polyvinyl chloride is a compound that suits all weather conditions and gives the homeowner flexibility with decor and design. This PVC compound is molded without pores, so the seal that’s made isn’t pierced, and nothing gets through it.

– Your Home’s Outer Shell
The panels of vinyl siding is designed to elude the fact that a structure of materials lie just underneath it. The final appearance is one that the viewer believes that what they see is the actual finish of the house. Here’s why the wide spectrum for creativity is possible. Siding gives us the ability to almost create a new structure entirely.

It gives professionals the option of creating the most structurally sound building without having to compromise on its beauty. The way a house is finished is dictated by the use of vertical and horizontal panels. Lengths vary and are cut to fit the corner and shapes of your home. The fit of each panel will depend on the angle they’re formed at.

The variations include textured surfaces and smoothed exteriors. Some are angled and appear like shingles when stacked on top of each other. This outer shell is formed in such a way that it appears simply as the house and not an artificial layer on it.

– A Done-Once Ordeal
Time and money are always important factors for your home improvement. Here’s where the advantages of vinyl siding really make a difference. Not only can these projects start and finish with relative ease, but siding is a set and forget assembly. The life expectancy of PVC will outlive the current residents of your house.

Planning is the first step to ensuring that all of the pieces fit and that we do this once. When we walk away, you’ll find home more appealing and the work complete in whole. Siding is used because there’s no ongoing maintenance beside washing it off with water as needed.

– Completing Decor and Appeal
We suggest the effectiveness of vinyl siding even if your home is weatherproof for the Northwest climate. The exposed look of steel, aluminum and cedar may not fit the neighborhood you’re in or the architecture you want to achieve. The color spectrum of siding cover every hue and tone. There’s no shortage of creativity to fit into your hands.

The work of developing your siding achieves decor and appeal. Yes, vinyl offers a greater deal of utility, but the beauty we can achieve together is a project within itself.


What Modern Siding Can Do for You

Now that we have a better understanding of what siding actually is, let’s cover how it can help you and the dream home you hold.

– Finish Your Renovation or Construction
Vinyl siding may be the final ingredient you have to completing your renovation or new construction. The installation of siding is a process we’ve come to master. Whether you’re building a house from scratch or adding new features to the home you have, getting siding installed is possible in all conditions. What makes vinyl so ideal is its adaptability.

– Increase the Value of Your Home
Remind yourself that the every things you use to improve your home will add to the overall value. Location and the original construction still play a role, but the world of change that vinyl siding makes will never be overlooked. Realize that your potential buyers won’t have the foreknowledge for what your house looked like before. A professional, job-well-done will bring visitors into an artistic display that provides your home with utility.

– Make Your House Stand Out
The final note on the value of your home is what people think. Appraisals are great, but home is where the heart is. The work you achieve for a welcoming space can strike a cord in the right person. You’ll need to harness your creative potential in one strike and bring home a first impression that makes everyone say wow. Doing so is possible with vinyl siding, and the color, texture and cuts are all decided on by you.

– Hide Old Veneers and Facades
Siding gives you the benefit of choice. You choose how the finish of your home looks and how it matches the natural architecture of your space. The endless possibilities continue to push forward with enduring utility, and this is especially true when you want to hide unwanted facades and veneers.

Yours may be an older construction, and though they help to hold the building’s integrity together, they may not be easy on the eyes. Siding is installed with simplicity, and the customizable features of it help you to find the right adjustment to make an old construction look brand new.

The Benefit Beyond the Aesthetics

The specific advantages of siding, beyond its beauty and simple installation, gives you creative options to work with. Consider the following when planning your projects and finding something just right in your space:

  • Weather and Wind proofing: Some homeowners will find utility as the central reason for using siding on their homes. Waterproofing the exterior of your home gives you the ability to run water away from the crevices and walls. This process keeps the area, found just underneath the siding, dry. Common installations for siding panels provide a usable measure of wind resistance also. The protection is against winds of up to 110 mph without the panels being pulled off or coming loose.
  • Termite and Rot Resistance: Insects and other rodents find it difficult to decompose the PVC compounds used in vinyl siding. Expect a long life and durable resistance against pests like termites. Being an inorganic compound means that modern siding is effective against rot. Water will not set within it, and moisture in the air doesn’t cause rot.
  • Meeting Building Codes: Some home projects will have to meet codes and regulation to be finished properly or to even start. Vinyl panels meet the regulation of all of our service areas.
  • Use with Insulation: Insulation is used to keep the temps of your home steady. This is true whether you want your home to stay cool or if you want it to stay warm. Whatever those levels are, insulation will stop air from seeping in and from escaping. Modern vinyl makes a perfect pair with insulation for all climates and locations.


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